What are the benefits of an exercise bike?

Roller bike improves the rider’s balance and bike handling skills. If a rider has problems with balance when he pulls out a bottle from a bottle cage, takes off his jacket, then training on a roller bike will help develop body stability, maintaining balance in normal and extreme situations. These skills help you become a more confident rider in races and practices, especially when riding in a group.
Almost all roller cycling exercises are performed with a high cadence. This makes it easier to balance. Long training at high cadence teaches the rider to push and pull the pedals evenly. Thus, the athlete begins to pedal as economically as possible, distributing his strength evenly throughout the entire workout.

It takes time to learn how to ride it.

You can not adjust the resistance, as on the simulator with a direct drive or under the rear wheel. The load is only adjusted on the rider’s bike by shifting gears.
How to start riding
Before you start.

For the first workout, use regular running shoes. So you can stop faster and easier if something goes wrong.
Install the machine against a wall or in a doorway. If you decide to stand against the wall, then on the other side of the wall, install a chair with a back or a bar stool. This will add confidence and insure in an unforeseen situation.
Select a high gear on your bike. It’s like training on the street – the faster you go, the easier it is to balance.
Climb onto the bike by leaning against a wall, doorway, or chair. Check that the wheels are in the middle of the rollers. With one hand, hold on to the support and start pedaling.

Look ahead and concentrate on your work. Always look straight ahead. Like street workouts. Don’t look at the front wheel. Look ahead!
Once you have confidence and you understand that the bike always stays in the center of the rollers, does not move from side to side. You can safely shift the second hand to the steering wheel and pedal more confidently.
Concentrate on the pedal. Do not turn on the series, do not be distracted by those who enter the room.


The first few workouts on the roller machine can be quite strenuous. Hard grip on the steering wheel, tension in the shoulders and neck.
Try to relax your arms and shoulders. Focus on pedalling.
Over time, you will gain confidence and be able to pedal even without hands.


To stop, you need to slow down slowly and grab the wall before you come to a complete stop.