Strict rules of behavior at the 2022 World Cup: do not touch women, do not wear flip-flops and do not get drunk in public

RMC Sport published excerpts from a 16-page document with rules of conduct for accredited persons at the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, entitled “Qatar Dos and Don’ts”. It is noted that it will then be distributed among the fans (part of its content is already on the tournament website).

Fans who do make it to Qatar should prepare for a non-standard environment for football:

• Do not greet women with physical contact. Hugs are also best avoided. You can greet a woman verbally, keeping an appropriate distance. When greeting, you can keep your right hand on your heart as a sign of respect.

• When you enter a room, greet the oldest person and the person with the highest status first. If you touch a child on the head, it will mean a sign of incredible respect for him.

I wonder if at matches between Portugal and Argentina, everyone will have to run onto the field to say hello to Ronaldo and Messi?

• Always hold a cup and eat with your right hand, especially traditional foods. The left hand in Qatar is used for personal hygiene.

• Do not stare at other people. This is considered a very rude gesture.

• The right side is a priority. If you exit from anywhere – door, elevator, stairs, escalator, the person on the right must exit first. The gift must also be accepted with the right hand.

• Never sit with one foot on top of the other, especially when the foot is facing the other person. This is considered an insult.

• Public displays of love are allowed in moderation – the main thing is not to overdo it. Flirting is too much.

• Do not play loud music during prayers.

• Women may not cover their hair in everyday life, except in the mosque, but preferably to integrate and avoid unnecessary attention.

• Dress modestly. Clothing should cover shoulders and knees. Women should wear long pants or skirts and long shirts that cover the neck and chest. Sleeveless T-shirts, short skirts or dresses, crop tops are strictly prohibited. It is also worth making sure that the clothes are not transparent and not too tight.

Men can wear shorts as long as they cover the knees. Tight pants, sleeveless t-shirts and sports shorts should not be worn in public. Tank tops and t-shirts with very low necklines are also not allowed and will attract unnecessary attention. Under no circumstances should you walk without a T-shirt.

On the beach you can wear a bikini (but not too revealing), but you can’t wear flip flops.

It is also not allowed to wear clothes with offensive slogans or symbols.

• Leave jewelry at home. In addition to a wedding ring and a wristwatch, wearing any jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings) is considered offensive.

This especially applies to non-Islamic religious symbols – it is better to hide them securely under clothing.

• You may not bring alcohol, drugs, pork or pornographic materials. Yes, that sums it up in one sentence.

You should not appear drunk in a public place.

• Religious and political topics should be mentioned very carefully in conversations. Convincing someone to accept another religion is prohibited by law.

• Photographing government buildings, military facilities, and business facilities is prohibited.

At the 2022 World Cup, offsides will be recorded by artificial intelligence. But the decision will still be up to the referee