Fathers and sons of the modern NBA

Officially, in the history of the NBA, there have been already under 90 father-son pairs and 8 cases of the appearance of grandchildren of former players have been recorded. The 2018-19 season is attended by a quarter of a hundred basketball players whose ancestors also played in the NBA at one time. Let’s run through them.

Devin Booker – son of Melvin Booker

The first of this pair, of course, I remember father Melvin, and not even in the Khimki period, but as a reservist for Golden State in the mid-90s. For some reason, he was remembered then, although he didn’t have time to show anything especially in short game minutes, being unselected in the NBA draft and fulfilling his dream through the KBA track. Later, Sergei Nikolaevich Elevich spoke to me with delight about Melvin, describing him as a point guard with a computer in his head. As a result, after 4 years in the NCAA in the NBA, Booker Sr. could only stay for two seasons (96-97), where he participated in 32 matches for Houston, Denver and Golden State, scoring a total of 166 points.

Twenty years later, his son Davin entered the NBA with the 13th overall pick, was selected in the top five rookies, won last year’s 3-pointer contest, and became the youngest player in league history to score 70 points at 20. And the other day he repeated the achievement of Kobe Bryant 12 years ago, in five matches in a row gaining at least 20 points in the first half of the match alone.

If dad in the NBA could only conquer the bar of 160 points for his career, then his son over the next 5 years will earn in it under 160 million dollars. It is noteworthy that neither one nor the other (yet) have the experience of playing in the NBA playoffs.

Jalen Brunson – Rick Brunson’s son

If the older Booker flew past the draft in 1994, then the older Brunson – a year later. In the NBA, Rick also made his way through the Continental League reviews, but stayed there for a long 9 seasons, appearing in the compositions of 7 clubs. Moreover, he came to Portland, Chicago and New York twice. In total, he has 1090 points in his NBA asset, a performance record of 19 points.

His son Jalen became interested in Dallas in the summer of 2018 and was selected by the Mavericks with the 33rd overall draft pick. For 64 matches (30 of them at the start), helping Luka Doncic, the son has already scored more than half of his father’s career points. In mid-March, against San Antonio, Jalen scored a maximum 34 points so far, giving out an average performance for the month – more than 15 points per game.

Jay Crowder – Cory Crowder’s son

Few people know that the father of the bright fighter Crowder, now playing for Utah, began his professional career in the Jazz. Corey Crowder got into the NBA by passing the draft and spent a little time there. In the 1991-92 season, he appeared with Utah for 51 regular games and made the playoffs four times. Later, in November-December 1994, he briefly appeared on the floor in the Spurs uniform. And for almost all the rest of his 15-year career, Corey played in Europe.

The full name of his famous son is Corey Jay Crowder, he has been playing in the NBA for the 7th season, representing the 4th team – just Jazz. In the previous 5 years, Jay has consistently played in the playoffs. The best season for him at the moment is the 2016-17 season in Boston. Then he averaged almost 14 points, including 18 playoff games. But after the exchange to Cleveland with Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie, LeBron could not become his own and during the campaign of the season he became a participant in the second exchange.

Steph and Seth Curry – Dall Curry’s sons

Dell Curry along with Dennis Scott were my favorite truckers in the 90s. And they had great teams then – Scott with Shaq and Penny, Dell with Larry and Zo. It was in the Hornets that Curry Sr. spent his best 10 years in the NBA, becoming the best “sixth” player in 1994. But before that, he managed to spend a year in Utah and Cleveland. Why is Stephen Curry’s birthplace listed in Akron, Ohio, where LeBron was born 4 years before. But Stef went to school already in Charlotte, where his brother Seth was born later.

The eldest son of Curry, in his 10 years in the NBA, has already managed to collect a bunch of awards, set more than one record and helped the Warriors become champions three times, who selected him in the 2009 draft under the overall number 7. The youngest son turned out to be the shortest of the male half of the Curry family (188 cm versus 191 for Stef and 193 for Dell). And in the draft, unlike the other two, no one paid attention to him. But through the sieve of the Development League, the NBA gave Curry a chance, the best for him was the 2016-17 season, when Seth scored 13 points for Dallas. But he was forced to miss the next season for health reasons, and this year he spends 18 minutes for Portland, shooting reliably from behind the arc, like the other two Curries.

And on Valentine’s Day this year, during the all-star break in the same Charlotte Seth, he got engaged to Doc Rivers’ daughter, Callie. Their daughter was born last spring. At one time, Seth played for the Duke with her brother Austin.

But the connection between Curry and the NBA does not end there. Seidel, the sister of Seth and Stef, is married to Damion Lee, who spends the 2018-19 season between Golden State and his farm club, the Santa Cruz Warriors, for which Seth previously played.