Pogba’s brother threatens Paul: kidnapped him with friends, blackmails him with “big revelations” for 13 million euros

On the evening of August 27, Paul Pogba’s older brother Matthias published a video in four languages, in which he promised to reveal “big revelations” about the Juventus player and his agent Rafaela Pimenta. At the same time, I also remembered Paul’s “failed” documentary.
“The French, English, Italian and Spanish public, in other words the whole world, as well as my brother’s fans, especially the French national team and Juventus, my brother’s team-mates and his sponsors deserve to know certain things.

In order to make an informed decision whether he deserves the admiration, respect and love of the public.

Does he deserve his place in the French team and the honor of playing at the World Cup. Does he deserve a place in the starting line-up at Juventus.

You will also hear about Rafaela Pimenta, the former business partner of the famous agent Mino Raiola. We will give you an insight into her integrity, her professionalism, her loyalty and whether she deserves the opportunity to lead Mino Raiola’s team.

I will tell you very important things about Mbappé and there will be evidence and many testimonies to support my words. It will all be explosive and create a lot of noise,” Pogba Sr. says in these videos.

It seems that the situation is already exploding. On the morning of August 28, the lawyers of Paul Pogba, his mother Jo Moriba and agent Rafaela Pimenta issued a joint statement on this matter:

“Matia Pogba’s latest statements on social networks, unfortunately, are not surprising. This is a continuation of threats and organized group attempts to blackmail Paul Pogba. Competent authorities in Italy and France were informed a month ago and there will be no further comment on the ongoing investigation.”

French law enforcement sources have confirmed to AFP that the police are investigating the alleged extortion of large sums of money from Paul Pogba if he does not want further information to be shared.

Matia also reacted to this statement on Twitter: “I hope you will not be misled by attempts to manipulate the media and the authorities. When you are famous, the world is with you, the government listens more carefully. But this does not make you above the law, the police are not your servants! Oh, and my brother recently told the Italian police that he didn’t know our first cousin, who we grew up visiting, and who didn’t do anything to Paul, the family can attest to that. This is about a molestation complaint against an innocent cousin… Some will ask why we are talking about a story about my cousin. Someone who is dishonest with the police for no reason, will he be honest with you even through lawyers? About everything else, bear with me, it will be further…”

Insiders from the police: Paul was kidnapped by friends together with his brother, the alleged “exposure” – about the “spell on Mbappé”

Franceinfo reported several details of this case. Paul told police that between March 25 and 29, when France played Ivory Coast, he took the opportunity to visit his family in Lagna-sur-Marne, a suburb of Paris. Then his friends took him to an apartment in the capital itself, where they accused him of not helping them financially since he became a professional football player. Among them were two armed men who demanded 13 million euros from him for “services rendered” – as if they had secretly protected him for 13 years.

Paul assured that after that he met extortionists several times – in particular, in July in Turin near the Juve training base.

It was then that he recognized his brother Matia among them, after which he informed the lawyers, who decided to contact the police.

The Juve player also told the investigators that he was always close to his childhood friends and never denied them help in case of need until January of this year. Then he had to evict one of them from his house in Manchester because he stole €200,000 from his bank card.

Why is Mbappe here? Paul told police that the extortionists allegedly wanted to discredit him by showing messages in which he allegedly asked a witch from a close family circle to put a spell on Killian. Pogba, of course, says that’s not true.