The National Final Rondo will be held in Nevada Las Vegas from 6 December to 15 December. This competition is organized by Rhodes’s main North American governing body, Professional Rhodes Cowboys Association (also known as PRCA). PRCA organizes NFR as a championship event to provide international title among competing 120 competitors among many high-calamity roado events. Contestants compete for various rodeo competitions across the United States to qualify for this event. Once part of the event, the contestants usually try to become a PRCA World All-Aude Champion.


Earlier this year, independent programs, for example, did not meet all the requirements for the approval of the ripping feat, so the expectations gained on this occasion were not mentioned in the PRCA earnings for their various roles and especially for the nationalities. Final Ride For the sake of Challenger, now more than $ 100,000 has been added for two times, but it is still a completely different advantage with PRCA profits.

-> WATCH LIVE NFR 2018Earlier this year, independent programs, for example, did not meet all the requirements for the approval of the ripping feat, so the expectations gained on this occasion were not mentioned in the PRCA earnings for their various roles and especially for the nationalities. Final Ride For the sake of Challenger, now more than $ 100,000 has been added for two times, but it is still a completely different advantage with PRCA profits.

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How to Watch NFR Live Stream

It can not be well-advised as it is difficult to find a place to visit Wrangler NFR online. The live stream will be shown on CBS Sports Network App and Pro Rodo TV. Both places will have great service and you can see all the straight night of high flying action without any interruption. Now subscribe

NFR Game 2018
  • CBS Sports Network

CBS Sports Network Las Vegas has NFR rights this year. The network will provide coverage on their networks from September 6 to September 15 at 10 EST / 7MS EST. This is great news, since all fans across the United States can easily see their favorite cowboys in the competition for the worldwide championship and if they do not have CBS Sports Network, they can go to their local bars to see the steps. CBS brings a great crew every single year and they will bring great coverage along with your favorite cowboys interviews.

  • ProRodeo

If you do not have cable, Prodottiv is a great alternative to see the National Financial Ride. The cost is less than $ 7 per month, the cheapest option if you are interested only to see the roda. They have almost every week’s coverage of road events from the United States. This service costs only $ 80, which is a great deal to see 10 straight nights in Rodo.

  • Rural Radio Sirius XM

Steve Kenyon and Wade Wheatley will be hosting coverage of the 2018 Wrangler NFR this year on Sirius XM’s Rural Radio. They will be covering every single night of the rodeo and they will do an excellent job as they have done in years past.

WNFR Official Broadcaster

From 6th of December, Randy Curley and Wayne Brooks will announce the NFR of this year’s Rungala. Corey and Brooks have announced the National Final Roads for five straight years and they will do this for six years in December. Roger Muni should join the team for his first year and the team should add an exciting.

Watch NFR Live Stream Without Cable

There are several television apps that carry CBS Sports Network so that you can watch the National Finals Rodeo without cable connection. These are the following apps that carry the CBS Sports Network: DirecTV Now, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, or Playstation Vue.

You can also purchase ProRodeoTv as well. That would be the most cost effective method if you plan to watch rodeo throughout the year.

National Finals Rodeo Live Streaming Outside USA

There are only 2 ways to watch the National Finals Rodeo outside of the USA. The first way is to sign up for a VPN and then get the free trial of one of these apps that offer the CBS Sports Network: DirecTV Now, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, or PlayStation Vue.

The other way is to sign up for Pro Rodeo TV which is a great service. There are no country restrictions on the website so you are free to watch it whether you are in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, or Brazil.

NFR Contestants

In order to qualify for the NFR, you must be a part of the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) and be one of the top 15 in prize money for the year. There are 7 different ways to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. The events are: All-Around, Bareback, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Saddle Bronc Riding, Tie-Down Roping, and Bull Riding. Barrel Riding is another event featured in rodeos but they do not compete in the Wrangler NFR in Las Vegas. Steer Roping is another world final event but it occurs at the National Finals Steer Roping that typically occurs during the first weekend in November.

2018 Wrangler NFR Payoff

The payout for the 2018 National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas is giving out $10 million dollars is prize money. Each contestant in the NFR is given $10,000 for qualifying so the amount that can be won during the competition is $8.8 million dollars. Each event has a payout of $1.1 million dollars which is why this is the biggest chance for competitors to take home a huge pot of money and increase their total winnings for the year.

NFR Schedule

The schedule for this year’s National Finals Rodeo is going to be jam-packed with amazing events and special nights. There will be something for every fan such as Canadian night and the Cowboys will be showing off their incredible talents in their respective events.

DateTime (ET)Performance
6th December10:00 PM – 1:00 AMPerformance 1
7th December10:00 PM – 1:00 AMPerformance 2
8th December10:00 PM – 1:00 AMPerformance 3
9th December10:00 PM – 1:00 AMPerformance 4
10th December10:00 PM – 1:00 AMPerformance 5
11th December10:00 PM – 1:00 AMPerformance 6
12th December10:00 PM – 1:00 AMPerformance 7
13th December10:00 PM – 1:00 AMPerformance 8
14th December10:00 PM – 1:00 AMPerformance 9
15th December10:00 PM – 1:00 AMPerformance 10

Wrangler NFR Events

The NFR has an allotment of amazing events that entertain all rodeo fans across the US and the world. The best of the best will be competing to try and win a world championship. In order to win a world champion the cowboy must have the most total prize money at the end of the season. The Wrangler NFR has such a large pot that the winner of the event is generally the world champion.

  • Bareback riding

A very similar event to ride the bareback ride. All the most dangerous events in Rodeo are all the most dangerous incidents in the ride as the cowboy competes in this event when the most serious injuries happen. Ryder has as much as possible to try and stay in the horse as long as possible. Team O’Neal, Caleb Bennett, and Clayton Bigelow are the three big names that are expected to compete for the World Championship.

  • Steer wrestling

This is an extremely entertaining event. A steer is released into the arena and then a rider rides his horse into the arena just after the steer is released. The rider, also known as a bulldogger, then has to grab onto the steer’s horns and take the animal down onto its left side to stop the timer. Curtis Cassidy, Tyler Pearson, and Scott Guenthner are three of the top bulldoggers that are competing.

  • Team roping

Team roping is the only true team event at the rodeo. Two riders have to try and tie up a steer by both his head and his feet. The rider that ties the steer up by his head is known as the Header and the rider that ties the steer up by his feet is known as a Heeler. The header has to get his rope around the steer before the heeler can try and rope the steer’s feet. Once both the head and feet are tied up, the riders have to face each other to stop the clock. Clay Smith and Junior Nogueira are the top team that is expected to take home the world championship.

  • Saddle bronc riding

Saddle Bronc Riding is one of the most entertaining events in rodeo. The rider of the horse has to use his skills and strength to ride a bucking horse for eight seconds and show great control and balance during those eight seconds. The rider can only use one hand to grip onto the horse and a smooth ride is a better score than a rough ride. Jacobs Crawley and Ryder Wright are expected to compete for the world championship.

  • Tie-down roping

Tie-Down roping is one of the more controversial events at the Wrangler NFR. The rider has to tie up a calf for the timer to stop. The calf is released into the arena and given a head start and then the rider has to rope the calf’s head and then dismount the horse to tie the calf’s legs up. If the calf stays in the knot for more than 6 seconds then the timer will stop. Shane Hanchey and Tuf Cooper will be competing for this world championship.

  • Bull riding

Bull riding is arguably the most famous rodeo event, the average person first thinks of this event when they think about the rodeo. The premise is simple, the rider has to stay on the bull for as long as he can and the one who stays on the longest wins. Sage Kimzey is the leader in this field having won 4 world championships in bull riding already at age 22. He is the favorite to win and will be looking to win his 5th championship.

2018 NFR Opening Ceremonies

The Wrangler NFR always has a great opening ceremony filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Generally, a top country music act performs during the opening ceremony to get the fans excited and kick off the event with a bang. The musical act has not been announced this year yet. All of the cowboys competing at the NFR come out riding their horses and showing off their state’s flag or country’s flag.

Cowboy Christmas

The Cowboy Christmas is held at every single Wrangler NFR at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The event showcases some of the best equipment and experiences that every cowboy would want. It runs from December 6th to the 15th from 9 AM to 5 PM and you can even meet your favorite rodeo competitors. Make sure that you make time for this amazing event and bring your wallet because you will want to buy everything.

Junior NFR

The Junior National Finals Rodeo takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center at the same time as the Cowboy Christmas. There are various events throughout the day with different age groups competing on different days. This is your chance to check out the cowboys of the future and see the bright and young up and comers. You can check out the schedule here.

Miss Rodeo America

The Miss Rodeo America Pageant is one of the time honored traditions at the Wrangler NFR. The pageant starts four days before the competition starts on December 2nd and runs until December 9th. The pageant finals take place on Sunday December 9th from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM at the Tropicana Las Vegas. Rodeo fans should check out the event as they will not have to miss any rodeo events to watch.

Autograph Sessions

There will be autograph sessions for all of your favorite cowboys that take place at the Cowboy Christmas. The autograph sessions are divided up into the different National Finals Rodeo events. So, there will be an autograph session for bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, saddle bronc riders, barrel racers, bull riding, and tie-down roping. The session will start at 12 PM everyday and last until 2 PM so make sure you get there early! You can check out the schedule here.

WPRA Star Celebration

This is an awards ceremony that celebrates several high-profile awards won by females within rodeo during the calendar year. This ceremony has traditionally taken place at the Grand Ballroom of the South Point Hotel and Casino and provides a great opportunity to shine a light on the often-overlooked female contributions to rodeo.


The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo season tickets have been sold out for 26 years straight. There is a currently a waitlist if you want to apply to be a season ticket holder. There are still individual tickets available for certain nights but they are going to be sold out soon so buy your tickets as soon as you can.

Entertainment around Las Vegas

There will be a lot of entertainment happening around Vegas during the Wrangler NFR. All of the biggest country acts in the music industry will be performing from George Strait to Georgia Florida Line. A lot of the big hotels and casinos will also be putting together special events just for rodeo fans so make sure you do not miss out!

Make sure you check out our other articles on all of the music acts and late night entertainment that Vegas is putting on for the NFR.

Final Words

The 2018 National Finals Rodeo is going to be an absolutely incredible event filled with fantastic rodeo events that every cowboy will enjoy. Las Vegas is the perfect venue for the Wrangler NFR as there is plenty to do and a lot to see while you are visiting. Which cowboy are you excited to see in December? Let us know in the comments!

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