Embarcadero All-Access allows customers to choose from four solution tiers that provide on-demand access to the entire Embarcadero toolbox. This set brings together 18 award-winning management and development products, namely: tools for rapid application development and web development (Delphi®, Jbuilder®, C++Builder®, 3rdail™), database design and development (E/ Studio®, apid SQL®, DBArtisan®), for database management (Change Manager, Performance Center) and others.

Higher levels of All-Access provide additional products, features, and functionality.

1. Toolkit for developing applications and working with databases, covering all common platforms, languages, environments, technologies
Perpetual license for used products
Access to download and activate products as needed online or onsite
Annual membership including support and maintenance

Embarcadero All-Access takes a new approach to acquiring, deploying and managing the tools you need for application development and database management. All-Access lets you focus on problem solving, not managing tools or platforms.

Embarcadero All-Access is a solution for application and database developers, architects and database administrators that provides on-demand access to all the tools needed to design, build, run and operate applications and databases. At the heart of All-Access is Embarcadero’s award-winning portfolio of products, providing full support for all common programming languages ​​and platforms. The functionality of the Embarcadero All-Access toolkits is presented within four levels of access to products: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, which makes it possible to choose the appropriate toolkit configuration in accordance with the current tasks of the enterprise. Thanks to the unique InstantOn™ technology, All-Access tools do not require installation, but are launched on a click-and-run basis at the workplace.

Multiplatform toolkit for developers, architects, database administrators. Embarcadero All-Access provides instant access to Embarcadero’s full set of multi-platform products, which includes tools for rapid application development and web development (Delphi, Jbuilder, C++Builder, 3rdail), database design and development (E/Studio, apid SQL, DBArtisan), for database management (Change Manager, Performance Center). With Embarcadero All-Access, companies have a single source of tools for application developers, data architects, developers, and database administrators, regardless of programming language or platform. Covering all stages of the application and database life cycle, Embarcadero All-Access does not impose the need to go beyond the performed role, but allows you to empower each member of the IT team and improve communication between all project participants.

Low total cost of tool ownership. With Embarcadero All-Access, you get more for less. All-Access provides users with a set of essential tools at a price comparable to purchasing just two separate Embarcadero products. Flexible licensing and deployment options make it easier to access tools and lower your total tool costs.

Toolkit according to business needs.

Four different levels of All-Access allow you to choose the right toolkit configuration that best suits your current tasks, as well as provide functionality expansion as business needs change. In accordance with the selected Embarcadero All-Access tier, the user acquires access to all products, as well as an annual membership in the program, which includes support, updates and new products released under a specific tier.
Bronze Level: Provides access to a complete set of design, application and database development tools. Embarcadero All-Access Bronze is the ideal solution for small organizations.
Silver Level: Targets both small and large organizations. Provides access to a toolkit that implements advanced design, application and database development capabilities. Contains basic tools for the architect and database administrator.
Gold Level: Offers medium and large organizations a set of tools with advanced capabilities for database design and management, data modeling, software architecture design.
Platinum tier: Provides access to higher editions of all Embarcadero application and database development products. Contains advanced data modeling, application design, architecture design, monitoring and configuration tools performance, as well as powerful tools for database administration.

Possibilities without limits. Embarcadero All-Access is a flexible and powerful tool with which you are not limited to one language, one DBMS and one technology platform. All-Access covers a wide range of platforms, languages, environments, databases and technologies needed to run your information systems:
1.Supported languages ​​and technologies: Java™, VCL, SQL, UML®, XML, HTML, C++, Delphi®, PHP, uby™
Supported platforms: Microsoft .NET, Windows®, Linux®, Mac OS®
Supported DBMS: Oracle, IBM® DB2, Sybase®, Microsoft® SQL Server, InterBase®, MySQL®

Ease of purchasing and managing licenses. Embarcadero All-Access simplifies tool access and license management. This is your key to all products presented within one of the four levels. So with All-Access, you don’t have to purchase separate licenses to use additional tools. All-Access offers three licensing options:
Worstation: workstation license tied to user and workstation
Network Named User: Allows the transfer of a user license between workstations
Network Concurrent: for simultaneous operation of several users in accordance with the number of purchased licenses