How to choose a sport

Sports motivation is a set of convincing arguments aimed at achieving a sports result. Sports motivation is aimed at success and avoiding failure. Success is measured in quantitative terms and in the evaluation of others, and the avoidance of failure is measured by self-esteem.

A video about sports motivation can influence both success and the avoidance of failure. Motivational videos include information that helps to more adequately assess oneself from the outside, as well as demonstrate the capabilities of the human body and overcoming difficulties.

Sports motivation is a struggle with oneself, one’s character, laziness, genetics and life circumstances. A good and convincing argument will allow you to develop, and development is a transition from the old to the new, to a new life.

Dangerous and safe sports. How to choose?

Sports for most people are associated with health and a slim figure. And to feel good, stay young for a long time and always be in shape is the trend of our time. Therefore, sports are now fashionable.

Information is pouring from everywhere that it is enough to choose the sport that you like, or that burns more calories, and you will be happy. However, not everything is as simple as we are told by thousands of bloggers who have become sports experts in an instant.

Confusing professional sports and physical activity is unhealthy and even dangerous. The wrong choice of sport is fraught with serious injuries and other health problems, for example, with the heart. Therefore, if you do not have a goal of becoming an Olympic winner, but just want to feel good, it is more logical to opt for safe sports.

Injury sports
When making a choice, it is better to rely on the opinion of experts. The most traumatic sports according to sports physicians are the following:

  • all martial arts;
  • Weightlifting;
  • auto and motor sports;
  • boxing;
  • football;
  • handball;
  • field hockey;
  • gymnastics;
  • tennis;
  • triathlon;
  • cycling.

If we talk not only about injuries, but also about a direct threat to life, then all sports associated with height are of particular danger – from rock climbing and mountaineering to various hang-gliding, paragliding and parachuting. The risk that one day a dose of adrenaline will have to pay too high a price is significant in these cases.

What then remains? Really sit on the couch and “swing”, raising a cup of coffee? No, we will not offer this.

Safe Sports

Here is a list of sports with a low risk of injury:

  • canoeing and rowing;
  • sailing;
  • synchronized swimming;
  • fencing;
  • table tennis.

There are doubts as to why fencing got on this list? The fact is that modern sports fencing provides for serious protective equipment for participants. And the injection is fixed using a special automatic system while touching the armor.

Safe and Healthy Sports

However, if we are talking not only about safe, but also about physical activity that is beneficial for our heart, then the top 5 will look a little different.

1. Biking. As long as you have a properly seated seat and the stress on your joints is not excessive, cycling is very beneficial. However, it is precisely periodic trips that are meant, and not exhausting cycling at the limit of the body’s capabilities.

Yes, you need to take an ordinary bike and go to see the beautiful landscapes and breathe in oxygen to the fullest. But it is better not to ride on sidewalks or roads: not only because of the polluted air, but also because of the risk of an accident. Choose places where there are bike paths (we are also sorry that they are far from everywhere).

Also, for safety, you must wear a helmet, and the bike itself must be equipped with reflective elements.

2. Walking. It is the safest and most accessible sport. It does not require any financial outlay. Perhaps the only injury that can be received is an ankle sprain. To minimize this risk, it is better to choose comfortable shoes and routes that are not too difficult.

In recent years walking with Scandinavian poles has gained popularity. This method helps to burn more calories, while the load on the knees and spine is minimal. But walking is demanding on the place of employment: walking in the city center with polluted air cannot be considered useful, it is better to go to the nearest green area – a park or forest – and get your portion of oxygen and health there.

3. Stretching and Pilates. Stretching exercises according to the Joseph Pilates system are one of the safest and most beneficial activities. However, at least at the first stage, it is still worth consulting with the coach.

In addition, all standard physical exercises with the weight of your own body are safe enough: push-ups, pull-ups, squats, rocking the press, and the like.

4. Dancing. Dancing classes are very useful, because they involve almost all the muscles and develop the body very harmoniously. In addition, dancing gives a good mood, which, you see, is also very important.

However, it is clear that the dances are different. Those that contain acrobatic, complex and risky elements are best done only by healthy people. And even then under the supervision of a coach.

But in any case, there is something to choose from – you can dance even a waltz, even a kizomba. Enjoy the process and get healthier.

5. Yoga. Like Pilates, it is good for health and psychological relief. In yoga, much attention is paid to proper breathing, muscle stretching, and static load.

If you like movement, dynamic exercises more than static postures, yoga’s “relative” qigong may be a good option.