KOM-on Winter Race Series

The KOM-on Winter Race Series has started. Everyone can join!

What is KOM-on Winter Race Series?
A series of virtual races in Zwift with a prize fund of 100,000 rubles from Trisport! Prizes for winners of intermediate stages. Nomination Mountain King and Sprinter with a separate prize fund.

What are the dates for the race series?
The series started on December 5, 2020 online, the final will take place on January 30, 2021.

What stages does the KOM-on Winter Race Series include?
The series includes 6 stages:
– two TTs (flat stage);
– two stages Mixed (group race with mixed terrain)
– two stages Mountain (very mountainous area).

General classification. The scoring system in the general classification.

General classification – the overall standings of all riders. To participate in the general classification, the rider must complete 1 race from each category: TT, Mixed, Mountain. You can complete all 6 races, but the best 1 result in each category will count.
The rider can receive points at each start for the overall standings, sprint sections and mountain sections.
Scoring system in the general classification:
1st place – 100 points
2nd place – 90
3rd place – 80
4th place – 70
5th place – 60
6th place – 50
7th place – 40
8th place – 35
9th place – 30
10th place – 25, and then 15,10,5,4,3,2,1.

Points in the sprint nomination (includes each section marked in Zwift as sprint):
1st place – 50 points
2nd place – 30
3rd place – 20
4th place – 10
5th place – 8 and further 5,4,3,2,1.

Scoring in the mountain nomination (includes each section of the route marked as mountain in Zwift):
1st place – 50 points
2nd place – 30
3rd place – 20
4th place – 10
5th place – 8 and further 5,4,3,2,1

The best Sprinter and Mountain King in each race will be awarded separately (if there is a victory in the general classification and at the same time a victory in the Mountain King or Sprinter nomination, the prize fund for the mountain nomination goes to the next participant on the list in this nomination).

How will the best riders be selected? Who will make it to the series grand finale?

The top 5 riders in each category go to the final, the final is a massive start.
When scoring the same number of points, the final place is determined by the number of higher places in the rankings of the races, with the same places, both people go to the final.

Series start schedule.

December 12 11.00 (Mountain) – Innsbruck -2018 UCI short lap (1.5 laps with mountain finish)

December 19 11.00 (Mixed) – NY Park Perimetr loop 4 laps

December 26 11.00 (TT) – London Greater London Flat 3 laps (mass start, only on TT bikes)

January 9 11.00 (TT) – Watopia -Tick Tock (2 laps) (general start only on TT bikes) – for those who did not have time on December 5th

16 January 11.00 (Mountain) – Innsbruck -2018 UCI short lap (1.5 laps with mountain finish)

23 January 11.00 (Mixed) – Watopia Flat route 4 laps

Where and how will the race final take place?
The final will take place on January 30, 2021 in person at the Triathlon Center (Moscow, Krylatskaya st. 10, Velodrek building).
The route and details of the grand final will be announced a few days before the start.
All those who got to the finals of the race with them need to have a bicycle to install it on an exercise bike.

Team participation.

We very much welcome team racing. The number of participants belonging to one team is limited to four places.
The minimum number of riders in a team is 4 people. The maximum is unlimited. Points in the general classification will be made for the 4 best riders.
There is a separate prize fund for the team classification.

How to register and take part in a specific stage?
Are you going to participate for the first time? For registration you need:
1) “friend” the Zwift companion “Serge Faber [UTT]”
2) write @Faberovich in telegram, indicating the type of your machine and a link to Strava or Zwiftpower, after which you will be assigned a category (A / B / C / W) in accordance with your performance.
Group A – 4.0w/kg and 250w ftp
Group B – 3.2w/kg and 200w ftp
Group C – 2.5w/kg and 150w ftp
Group W – women’s group
3) After assigning a group one day before the start of the next race, you will receive an invitation to the race from the pacemaker of the corresponding group. Accept it.
4) On the day of the start, during the warm-up, be exactly on the map where the race will take place.

A few basic racing rules:
• Mandatory presence of a heart rate monitor.
• Ban in racing on the use of “powerups”
• Open Strava and Zwiftpower account (How to link Zwift and ZwiftPower ==> link here)
• Correct group selection according to your absolute watts and watts/kg and gender.
• We are for fair racing, so if cheating is suspected, we will ask you for a Log file from Zwift. We ask you to treat this as if the checkout in the store asked for your passport, because you look too good for your age.
• Due to the fact that at the start the participants are very scattered, the first ~1.5 km will be neutralized: the group will ride ~1.5 W/kg.